SDI-12 communication protocol - WXT530

WXT530 Series User Guide

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Set the communication protocol SDI-12 v 1.3 (aXU,C=1,M=S) or SDI- 12 v1.3 continuous (aXU,C=1,M=R).

Assign the transmitters on the bus with different addresses (for example:aXU,A=0,1,2,...). After that, the transmitters on the bus do not respond to the commands not assigned to them nor to the data messages sent by the other transmitters.

Example (A bus with three WXT530 Series transmitters):

WXT530 #1 communication settings:

0XXU,A=0,M=S,C=1,B=1200,D=7,P=E,S=1, L=25

WXT530 #2 communication settings:

1XXU,A=1,M=S,C=1,B=1200,D=7,P=E,S=1, L=25

WXT530 #3 communication settings:

2XXU,A=2,M=S,C=1,B=1200,D=7,P=E,S=1, L=25

If simultaneous measurements of the different units are needed, Start concurrent measurement commands aC and aCC must be used for all devices. If the measurements are to be performed consecutively for only one unit at a time, in addition to these also Start measurement commands aM and aMC can be used. Start continuous measurement commands aR1, aR2, aR3, aR5, aR, aRC1, aRC2, aRC3, aRC5 and aRC available only in SDI-12 continuous protocol (aXU,M=R) can be used either for simultaneous measurements of the units or consecutive measurements for one unit at time.