Aux rain sensor settings [aIA] - WXT530

WXT530 Series User Guide

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Gain [G]

[G] defines the pulses per rain unit, for example in mm.

If the Aux sensor has 10 pulses per a millimeter of rain and the user sets the gain to 1/10, the transmitter reports the rain value in mm.

The range: 0.000 000 001 … 1 000 000

Reset mode [M]

M defines the reset mode.

Parameter Description
M No reset
L Based on limit
A Automatic (aux rain message sent)

The initial tip counter overflows if it reaches 65536 and it starts from 0. If the tipping bucket resolution is 0.2 mm per tip, the gain is 0.2, and the maximum rain amount before overflow is 65536 × 0.2 = 13107 mm.

Limit [L]

[L] defines the reset limit. The rain counter resets when it reaches this value. The unit is the same as in gain [G].

The range: 0.000 000 001 … 1 000 000

Parameter selection [aIU,R = bit 2 and bit 10]

Bits 7 and 14 enable normal and composite message for aux rain accumulation. You can select the parameter with the aIU command. The maximum value for the rain counter is 65535 * gain.