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The following figure shows the pins of the analog input connectors.

Figure 1. Analog input connector pins
Table 1. Analog input signals
Signal name M12 Pin Description Use example
PTI+ 1 PT1000 measuring current PT1000 temperature sensor Current feed
PT+ 2 PT1000 input+ PT1000 temperature sensor. Sense+
PT- 3 PT1000 input- PT1000 temperature sensor Sense-
AGND 4 Analog ground Common ground for level, tipping bucket, and PT1000
TIP IN 5 Pulse counting input (pulled up with resistor) Tipping bucket type rain sensor
SR+ 6 Differential 0 … 25 mV input, + Pyranometer
SR- 7 Differential 0 … 25 mV input, - Pyranometer
WS IN 8 0 … 2.5/0 … 5/0 … 10 V input Level sensor

The following figure shows the analog input settings in Vaisala Configuration Tool.

Figure 2. Analog input settings in Vaisala Configuration Tool
Table 2. Analog input setting definitions
Setting Default value Definition
Update interval 1 min Defines analog input measurement interval. A shorter interval and a longer averaging time increase power consumption.
Solar radiation and ultrasonic level sensor averaging time 3 s Defines averaging times for solar radiation and ultrasonic level sensor voltage measurement.
Solar radiation gain 100000 Taken from solar radiation sensor calibration documents provided with the sensor. For example for sensitivity 19.71µV/W/m2 gain is 1 / 0.00001971V/W/m2 = 50736
Ultrasonic level sensor range 0 … 5 V Selects voltage measurement range. Available ranges: 0 … 2.5 V, 0  … 5 V, 0 … 10 V
Ultrasonic level sensor gain 1 Defines gain factor for auxiliary level voltage measurement. Gain can be used to convert voltage reading directly to distance/height.
Aux. temperature averaging time 1 Defines PT1000 temperature sensor measurement averaging time in seconds. To minimize sensor self-heating effect, make it short.
Aux. rain counter reset M = No reset Defines how to reset the rain counter. M means that you have to manually reset the counter.
Aux. rain gain 0.2 mm Comes from the rain sensor tipping bucket size. It means pulses / user rain unit (for example, mm). If the aux. sensor has 5 pulses per mm of rain, and the user sets the gain to 0.2, the rain value reported by the transmitter is in mm.
Aux. rain counter limit Used only when L = based on limit is selected. Resets the rain counter when it reaches this value. The same unit as the gain G has.
  • All measurement messages enabled
  • Update interval 60 s
  • Solar radiation and ultrasonic level sensor averaging time 3 s
  • Solar radiation gain 100 000
  • Ultrasonic level sensor range 5 V
  • Ultrasonic level sensor gain 1
  • Aux temperature average time 1 s
  • Aux rain counter reset: manual
  • Aux rain gain 0.2 (for 0.2 mm per tip)

WXT530 Series settings: