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The transmitter sends a text message when certain type of errors occur. The function works in all communication modes except in the SDI-12 mode. You can disable error messaging by using the supervisor message aSU, S=N.


0R1!0TX,Unable to measure error<cr><lf>

(request of wind data while all the wind parameters were disabled from the wind message)

1XU!0TX,Sync/address error<cr><lf>

(wrong device address. Ask the correct address with ? or ?! command.)

0XP!0TX,Unknown cmd error<cr><lf>
0xUabc!0TX,Use chksum CCb<cr><lf>

(wrong checksum applied to the 0xU command)

Table 1. Error messaging/text messages
Text message identifier (NMEA 0183 v3.0 protocol only) Text message Definition
01 Unable to measure error The requested parameters are not activated in the message and check the parameter section fields.
02 Sync/address error The device address in the beginning of the command is invalid. Ask the device address with the ?! (SDI-12) or ?<cr><lf> (ASCII and NMEA) command and retype the command with the correct address.
03 Unknown cmd error The command is not supported, use the correct command format. See Retrieving data messages.
04 Profile reset Checksum error in configuration settings during power-up. Factory settings used instead.
05 Factory reset Checksum error in calibration settings during power-up. Factory settings used instead.
06 Version reset New software version in use.
07 Start-up Software reset. Program starts from the beginning.
08 Use chksum xxx Given checksum not correct for the command. Use the proposed checksum.
09 Measurement reset The ongoing measurement of all the sensors interrupted and started from the beginning.
10 Rain reset The precipitation sensor counter reset.
11 Inty reset Precipitation sensor intensity counter reset.
If you use a WXT530 transmitter on an RS-485 bus with other polled devices, you must disable error messaging with the command: 0SU,S=N<crlf>.