Surge protector - WXT530

WXT530 Series User Guide

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Vaisala recommends using surge protectors:
  • When weather instruments are installed in areas with an elevated risk of lightning strike, such as on top of high buildings or masts, or in open areas.
  • If your cable length exceeds 10 m.
  • If you have unshielded, open-wire lines.

Vaisala provides the following surge protectors:

  • Vaisala Surge Protector WSP150.

    A compact transient overvoltage suppressor designed for outdoor use. It can be used with all Vaisala wind and weather instruments. Install WSP150 close to the protected instrument (maximum 3 m).

  • Vaisala Surge Protector WSP152.

    Designed for use with Vaisala WXT transmitters and WMT sensors. WSP152 protects the host PC against surges entering through the USB port. Install WSP152 close to the PC, no further than the USB cable can reach (1.4 m).