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Use this command to request the measured data from the device.

Start measurement command indicates the number of parameters available. The number of the parameters that can be included in a single message depends on the number of characters in the data fields. If not all the parameters are retrieved in a single response message, repeat the Send data commands until all the data is obtained.

Command format:

a Device address
D Send data command
x The order of consecutive Send data commands. Make sure the first Send data command is addressed with x=0. If all the parameters are not retrieved, send the next Send data command with x=1 and so on. The maximum value for x is 9.
! Command terminator


a+<data fields><cr><lf>
a Device address
<data fields> The measured parameters in selected units, separated with '+' marks (or - marks in case of negative parameter values).
<cr><lf> Response terminator
aD0 command can also be used to break the measurement in progress started with commands aM, aMC, aC, or aCC.
In SDI-12 v1.3 Continuous measurement mode (aXU,M=R) the sensor makes measurements at configurable update intervals. The aD command following the aM, aMC, aC, or aCC command always returns the latest updated data. Thus in aXU,M=R mode issuing consecutive aD commands can result in different data strings if the values are updated between the commands.