Continuous measurement (aR) - WXT530

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The device can be configured so that all the parameters can be requested instantly with the command aR instead of the two-phase request procedure of commands aM, aMC, aC, aCC, and aD.

In this case the obtained parameter values are those from the latest internal updating. For details on setting update intervals, see Sensor configuration and data message formatting.

For using Continuous measurement commands for all WXT530 series parameters (wind, PTU, precipitation, and supervisor) the select the respective protocol (aXU,M=R).

The M=S selection requires use of aM, aMC, aC, aCC, and aD commands, only the precipitation data can be retrieved continuously (using aR3 command).

Command format:

a Device address
R Start continuous measurement command:
x The desired sensor to make the measurement:
1 = Wind
2 = Temperature, humidity, pressure
3 = Precipitation
5 = Supervisor
If x is left out, the query refers to the combined data message used for requesting data from several sensors with just one command.
! Command terminator


a+<data fields><cr><lf>
a Device address
<data fields> The measured parameters in selected units, separated with '+' marks (or '-' marks in case of negative parameter values). The maximum number of parameters to be measured with one request is 15.
<cr><lf> Response terminator

Examples (device address 0):