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WXT530 Series User Guide

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Use the MWV query command to request the wind speed and direction data. To use the MWV query, the NMEA Wind formatter parameter in the wind sensor settings must be set to W.

The MWV command only queries only wind speed and direction average values.


$ Start of the message
-- Device identifier of the requester
WI Device type identifier (WI = weather instrument)
Q Defines the message as Query
MWV Wind speed and direction query command
* Checksum delimiter
hh Two-character checksum for the query command.
<cr><lf> Command terminator


$ Start of the message
WI Talker identifier (WI = weather instrument)
MWV Wind speed and direction response identifier
x.x Wind direction value 1
R Wind direction unit (R = relative)
y.y Wind speed value
M Wind speed unit (m/s)
A Data status: A = valid, V = Invalid
* Checksum delimiter
hh Two-character checksum for the response
<cr><lf> Response terminator

The checksum typed in the query depends on the device identifier characters. To find the correct checksum in the WXT530 series transmitters, type any three characters after the $--WIQ,MWV command.


If you type the command $--WIQ,MWVxxx<cr><lf>(xxx arbitrary characters) , the transmitter responds:

$WITXT,01,01,08,Use chksum 2F*72<cr><lf>

which indicates that 2F is the correct checksum for the $--WIQ,MWV command.



(Wind angle 282 degrees, Wind speed 0.1 m/s)

1 Wind direction is given in relation to the devices north-south axis. An offset value to the measured direction can be set, see Chapter 8.