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Use the same data query commands as in the previous sections but type the first letter of the command in lower case and add a correct three-character CRC before the command terminator. The response also contains a CRC.

Command format for requesting a wind data message with a CRC

a Device address
r1 Wind message query command
xxx Three-character CRC for ar1 command
<cr><lf> Command terminator
Example of the response (the parameter set is configurable):

The three characters before <cr><lf> are the CRC for the response.

To request the correct CRC for each command, type the command with an arbitrary three-character CRC.

Example of asking the CRC for the wind data message query ar1:

Command format:

a Device address
r1 Wind message query command
yyy Arbitrary three-character CRC
<cr><lf> Command terminator


atX,Use chksum GoeIU~<cr><lf>
a Device address (default = 0)
tX,Use chksum Text prompt
Goe Correct three-character CRC for the ar1 command
IU~ Three-character CRC for the response message
<cr><lf> Response terminator

Example of the other data query commands with CRC (when the device address is 0):

Parameter Description
Pressure, humidity and temperature message query 0r2Gje<cr><lf>
Precipitation query 0r3Kid<cr><lf>
Supervisor query 0r5Kcd<cr><lf>
Combined message query 0rBVT<cr><lf>
Composite data message query 0r0Kld<cr><lf>

In every case the response contains a three-character CRC before the <cr><lf>.