Operational Safety - DKW200

Winch DKW200 Technical Reference

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WARNING Do not exceed the maximum working load 240 kg (550 lb).
WARNING Damaged or severely worn parts can cause incorrect operation or accidents. Check the winch before each use. Do not use the winch if it is damaged or not working properly.
WARNING Wear a safety helmet and gloves for protection.
WARNING Loose parts can get caught in the winch. Make sure that your clothing and equipment do not get tangled in the winch or the wire.
WARNING Do not stand under the mast. Stand facing the winch and the handle.
WARNING Do not touch the wire with bare hands. Use gloves. If the wire must be adjusted, carefully guide the wire with your hand and make sure that nothing gets caught between the wire or the equipment.
CAUTION Do not leave the mast load on the winch longer than necessary.

Use a tilting support on the mast when it is lowered and erected.

Figure 1. Mast on Tilting Support