Using Winch to Lower Mast - DKW200

Winch DKW200 Technical Reference

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Before you start to lower the mast, install the winch on the mast. See Installing Winch on Mast.

  1. Disconnect the mast guy wire and open the mast flange. For more information, see DKP206/210 User's Guide.
    WARNING Before you open the mast flange, make sure that the winch and the winch hook are firmly in place.
  2. Take a good grasp of the winch handle.
  3. Check that the wire between the winch and the wire hook is tight. If there is slack wire, tighten by turning the handle clockwise.
  4. To start winching, turn the handle counter-clockwise.
  5. Check for the correct guiding of the wire and if needed, guide the wire carefully.
    When not in use, remove the winch from the mast.