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The notation <cr> refers to the carriage return control character, which you can send in a terminal application by pressing enter on your keyboard. Before entering commands, send a <cr> to clear the command buffer.

You can enter the commands in uppercase or lowercase. In the command examples, the keyboard input by the user is in bold type.

Table 1 lists the basic serial commands that are available by default. To access advanced serial commands (listed in Table 2), enter the command pass 1300.

Table 1. Basic serial commands
Command Description
Device information and status
? Show probe information.
?? Show probe information (will respond in POLL mode).
errs Show currently active errors.
help Show list of currently available serial commands.
snum Show probe serial number.
system Show probe firmware information.
time Show probe operation hours and uptime.
vers Show probe firmware version.
Serial line output and communication
close Close connection to probe (POLL mode)
form [modifier string] Show or set output format.
intv [0 ... 255 s/min/h] Set continuous output interval for R command.
open [address] Open connection to probe in POLL mode.
r Start the continuous outputting.
s Stop the continuous outputting.
sdelay [1 ... 255] Show or set serial line transmission delay (1 ... 255, 1 unit = 4 milliseconds)
send Output a single measurement message.
seri [baud data stop parity] Show or set the serial interface settings.
smode [mode] Show or set startup serial mode: RUN, STOP, or POLL.
Environmental compensation
env Show or set environmental parameters.
Adjustment information
adate Show CO2 factory adjustment date.
atext Show CO2 factory adjustment information.
Other commands
reset Reset the probe.
pass [1300] Access advanced serial commands.
Table 2. Advanced serial commands
Command Description
Serial line output and communication
addr [0 … 254] Show or set probe address.
Analog output
amode Show or set analog output mode (analog output limits and error level).
aover Show or set analog output overrange and clipping behavior.
asel Show or set analog output parameter and scaling.
Calibration and adjustment
cco2 Adjust CO2 measurement gain and offset.
cdate Show or set calibration date.
ct Adjust temperature measurement offset.
ctext Show or set calibration information.
Environmental compensation
o2cmode Show or set oxygen compensation mode.
pcmode Show or set pressure compensation mode.
rhcmode Show or set humidity compensation mode.
tcmode Show or set temperature compensation mode.
Other commands
frestore Restore probe to factory settings.