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GMP251 User Guide

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The probe can be accessed using the Modbus serial communication protocol. The supported Modbus variant is Modbus RTU (Serial Modbus) over RS-485 interface.

For instructions on enabling the Modbus mode when you are using the probe with Vaisala Industrial Protocol, see Enabling Modbus Mode from Vaisala Industrial Protocol on page 26.

For instructions on switching to Vaisala Industrial Protocol when the probe is in Modbus mode, see Accessing Serial Commands from Modbus or Analog Mode on page 25.

For information on using Modbus with the Indigo202 digital transmitter, see Modbus overview.

The pre-configured default Modbus serial settings are presented in the following table.

Table 1. Default Modbus serial communication settings
Description Default value
Serial bit rate 19200
Parity N
Number of data bits 8
Number of stop bits 2
Modbus device address 240