Mounting the probe body using probe holder ASM213582 - GMP251

GMP251 User Guide

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Probe holder ASM213582 is designed for attaching a 25 mm probe body to a wall or other surface with screws.

  1. Use a 4-mm Allen key to open the hex screws and remove the top part of the probe holder.
  2. Hold the base part against the mounting surface and mark the locations of the 2 screw holes.
  3. Drill holes at the marked locations using a 6-mm drill bit. Make the holes at least 30 mm deep.
  4. Insert the wall plugs in the holes.
  5. Mount the base part using screws.
  6. Insert the probe body in the holder.
  7. Place the top part on the base and tighten the hex screws with a 4-mm Allen key.