Enabling Modbus Mode from Vaisala Industrial Protocol - GMP251

GMP251 User Guide

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If you need to switch from Vaisala Industrial Protocol to Modbus mode, you must configure the following settings:
  • Serial line operating mode
  • Modbus address
  • Serial line settings (bit rate, parity, stop and data bits)
  1. Connect the USB cable to your PC and start the terminal application as instructed in Connecting with a Computer.
  2. Set the serial mode to Modbus with the smode command:  
    smode modbus
  3. Set the Modbus address to 240 with the addr command:
    addr 240
  4. Set the serial line settings to 19200/N/8/2 with the seri command:
    seri 19200 N 8 2
  5. Power off (disconnect) the probe or reset with the resetcommand. The new configuration is available at the next restart.