Taking a Probe in Use with Indigo - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202 - GMP251

GMP251 User Guide

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In order to use the probe with an Indigo transmitter, you need to connect the probe to an Indigo transmitter and use a mobile device or computer to review the transmitter and probe configuration with Indigo's wireless configuration interface.
  • Indigo-compatible probe and Indigo transmitter
  • Mobile device or computer that supports wireless connectivity (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WLAN)
  • Web browser
To take the probe in use with Indigo:
  1. Connect the probe to a wired and powered Indigo transmitter and check that the transmitter recognizes the probe (green LED/display notification).
  2. Enable Indigo's wireless connection and open the Indigo wireless configuration interface in your mobile device or computer.
  3. Use Indigo's wireless configuration interface to check that the probe and transmitter settings are correct for your system. For instructions on using the wireless configuration interface, see the User Guide of the Indigo transmitter.