Restoring Factory Adjustment - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202 - GMP251

GMP251 User Guide

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Always restore factory adjustment before entering a new adjustment. This prevents any possible earlier adjustments having an effect on the new adjustment you make.

To restore factory adjustment:

  1. Connect to the wireless configuration interface and open the Calibration menu.
  2. Start the calibration mode with the Start calibration button.
  3. On the Calibration tab, scroll down to the parameter you want to adjust (for example, CO2 adjustment) and select Restore factory adjustment.
  4. Restore the factory adjustment with the Restore factory adjustment button for each parameter separately as needed.
  5. To verify that the factory adjustment was restored, check the adjustment data information at the bottom of the Calibration tab view.
  6. Close the calibration mode with the Stop calibration button.