Indigo Calibration Overview - INDIGO201 - INDIGO202 - GMP251

GMP251 User Guide

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You can carry out 1-point and 2-point adjustments with the Indigo transmitter's wireless configuration interface. In addition to calibrating and adjusting probes, you can view the current adjustments and restore the probe's factory adjustment.
Figure 1. Calibration Menu Main View
Calibration tab
Configuration tab
Diagnostics tab
Measurements tab
There are 4 tabs in the Calibration menu:
  • Calibration: the main adjustment view with options for making adjustments, viewing adjustments, and restoring factory adjustments.
  • Configuration: options for using environmental compensations (probe-specific range of options) that allow compensating for the conditions present in the calibration environment, for example, pressure, temperature, and background gases. Also includes probe-specific configuration options that are not mandatory for use with Indigo.
  • Diagnostics: this tab contains information about the status of the measurement and the probe, and shows the current environmental compensation configuration.
  • Measurements: this tab shows the current probe measurement in numeric format (use this view, for example, when you need to follow measurement stablization in a reference environment without leaving the Calibration menu).
Before adjusting the probe's measurement, make sure you have gone through the information in Calibration and Adjustment.

Starting and Closing Calibration Mode in Indigo

In order to be able to use the calibration options, you must switch the operation of the probe and Indigo to calibration mode with the Start calibration button.
Figure 2. Start Calibration Button
Start calibration button on the Calibration tab

When you start the calibration mode, the Start calibration button is replaced with the Stop calibration button. The calibration mode remains active until you close it by selecting Stop calibration.

You can use other menus while the calibration mode is active, and return to the Calibration menu later to complete your adjustments.

Always close the calibration mode to return the probe and Indigo to normal operating mode. The measurement performance of the probe can be affected when used in calibration mode. You must close the calibration mode with the Stop calibration button also when no changes are made.