Attaching foundation bolts to mast foundation - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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  • Steel wire
  • Electrical tape
  1. Attach the mast foundation bolts to the template with nuts.
    Foundation bolt (3 pcs)
    Hex nut ISO4032 M20 (9 pcs)
  2. Attach two 2‑by‑4‑inch wood planks with screws to the cast mold so that they hold the template in the middle of the cast mold.
  3. In the cast mold, attach the template assembly with screws to the planks and with wire to the steel reinforcement bars.
  4. Check the correct position and orientation of the template depending on your location.
    Make sure that the template is flush with the sides of the foundation. If the holes are not exactly in the right place, the mast cannot be lowered on the support stand at the correct angle.
  5. Check that the mast foundation bolts are at the correct height, vertical, and on the same level with each other.
    Make sure that approximately 120 mm (4.72 in) of the foundation bolts is above the surface of the mast foundation.
  6. Place 2 cable conduits to the cast mold and tie the cable conduits with wire to the steel reinforcement bars.
  7. To protect the threads of the foundation bolts from concrete splashes, use electrical tape or similar.