Safety when erecting mast - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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WARNING Before erecting the mast, verify that it has not been damaged during the handling.
WARNING Before erecting the mast, see the installation and aiming instructions of the additional sensors and devices. It is important to aim the sensors correctly before erecting the mast.
WARNING Before erecting the mast, see that guy wires 2 and 3 are attached also by their lower ends, so that the mast does not fall down.
WARNING Be careful when erecting or lowering the mast. Check that there are no power lines or other obstacles above the mast or close to the guy wires.
WARNING Do not stand under the mast when it is being erected or lowered.
Wear protective eyewear, gloves, safety helmet, and safety shoes.
To protect your hands, always wear gloves when handling the guy wires.
WARNING Disconnected guy wires may present a safety hazard. Make sure your clothing and equipment do not get tangled in the wires.

To erect the mast, follow this work order:

  1. Installing winch to lowered mast
  2. Erecting mast
  3. Removing winch and adjusting guy wires