Removing winch and adjusting guy wires - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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  • 17‑mm and 24‑mm wrenches
  • Hammer
  • Spirit level
  1. Remove the winch and connect guy wire 1 (opposite the tilting direction).
  2. Tighten all guy wires. Tighten the U‑bolt nuts in the guy wires to 20 Nm until the tension is sufficient.
  3. Check with a spirit level that the mast is vertical.

    If the mast is not vertical, adjust the guy wires, and check the position of the mast again. Make sure that each guy wire is tight.

    CAUTION Do not overtighten the guy wires because this may bend and damage the mast.
  4. Remove the lifting rod.
  5. If you loosened the grounding and sensor cables or removed the cables from their connectors, reattach them.
  6. Store the winch according to the manufacturer instructions.