Lowering mast - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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  • Support stand
  • 30‑mm wrench
WARNING Before you open the mast hinge, make sure the winch and the winch hook are firmly in place.
WARNING Carefully check how to open the hinge or the mast may tilt over. Do not open the hinge axle.
WARNING When lowering the mast, do not remove the hinge bolt and nut.
  1. Place the winch handle on the upper lever. To lock the handle in place, turn it.
  2. Make sure that the wire is tight and the winch is firmly in place.
    WARNING Make sure that the winch wire does not get tangled or cause someone to trip and fall.
    WARNING Do not touch the wire with bare hands. Use gloves. If the wire must be adjusted, carefully guide the wire with your hand and make sure nothing gets caught between the wire or the equipment.
    CAUTION Make sure that the winch wire does not bend. Keep the winch wire straight or in coil.
  3. Loosen some of the winch wire in the coil so that there is enough wire when you start winching.
  4. Remove the nuts from the mast base.
    Hex nut ISO4032 M20 (2 pcs)
    Washer DIN125 A21 (2 pcs)
  5. Check that the grounding and sensor cables do not get caught between the lifting rod or mast hinge and that there is enough slack cable. If necessary, loosen the grounding and sensor cables or remove the cables from their connectors.
    WARNING The weather station is powered. Take the necessary precautions, and disconnect power from the station if needed.
    CAUTION Check that the grounding wire and sensor cables are not in the way or in danger of being damaged. Check that there is enough slack cable to allow for the lowering of the mast.
  6. Place the support stand to where the mast will be lowered.
  7. Start winching. If needed, push the mast lightly.
    WARNING Never go under the mast when the winch is operated or when the mast is in a tilted position and supported only by the winch wire.
    WARNING Make sure nobody is in the danger zone when you use the winch.
    CAUTION Monitor the cables and guy rods when lowering the mast. If the guy rods are stuck vertically, they break easily.
  8. To organize and straighten the guy rods, stop winching and approach the mast through the safe areas.
  9. Lower the mast on the support stand.
    CAUTION To prevent equipment damage, make sure that the weight of the mast is not on the sensors.
    CAUTION Do not leave the mast load on the winch longer than necessary.
  10. Straighten the guy rods.