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With mast installations, equipment grounding and lightning protection must be done separately. This means routing the down conductor for lightning protection along the side of the mast and connecting it to a grounding connector at the base of the mast. The equipment grounding is done with a separate down conductor and connected to the same grounding connector.

WARNING Always consult local authorities on decisions that relate to aviation safety, grounding, lightning protection, safe installation, and power supply. Follow local and state legislation and regulations.
WARNING Lightning protection is required to prevent injury and damage to equipment due to direct lightning strikes and lightning-induced current surges.
WARNING Ground the product and verify outdoor installation grounding periodically. Failure to provide proper grounding can result in injury or death from electrical shock and can severely damage the equipment.
It is the responsibility of the customer to see that local and state legislation and regulations have been properly observed. Subcontractors must also comply with any and all applicable local regulations, if any.