Erecting mast - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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  • 30‑mm wrench

When you have performed necessary installation or maintenance tasks, erect the mast.

WARNING For safety reasons, do not operate the winch alone.
  1. Place the winch handle on the lower lever. To lock the handle in place, turn it.
  2. To check that the wire is tight and the winch is firmly in place, pull the wire.
  3. Check that the grounding wire and sensor cables do not get caught between the lifting rod or mast hinge.
  4. Before erecting the mast, check that the screws and washers of the guy rod flange are tight, guy wires 2 and 3 are secure, and the guy rods are straight.
  5. Start winching.
    WARNING Never go under the mast when the winch is operated or when the mast is in a tilted position and supported only by the winch wire.
    WARNING Make sure nobody is in the danger zone when you use the winch.
    WARNING Make sure that the winch wire does not get tangled or cause someone to trip and fall.
    CAUTION Make sure that the winch wire does not bend. Keep the winch wire straight or in coil.
  6. Keep an eye on the cables and the guy rods when erecting the mast. Make sure the guy rods are straight.
  7. If you stop winching while erecting the mast, always lock the wire rope by pressing the T‑handle towards the rope guide sleeve.
  8. If you need to organize and straighten the guy rods, stop winching and approach the mast through the safe areas.
  9. When the mast is almost upright, check that the mast bolts are aligned with the holes in the mast base plate.
  10. When the winch wire becomes loose, pull the mast to an upright position.
  11. Lock the mast with the washers and nuts. Tightening torque 100 Nm.
    CAUTION Do not attach the washer and nut to the foundation bolt where you install the down conductor.
    Hex nut ISO4032 M20 (2 pcs)
    Washer DIN125 A21 (2 pcs)