Safety when lowering mast - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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WARNING Do not perform installation or maintenance procedures when there is a risk of thunderstorm or lightning activity in the area.
WARNING Do not work on the mast when the wind speed is over 7 m/s (16 mph).
WARNING Be careful when erecting or lowering the mast. Check that there are no power lines or other obstacles above the mast or close to the guy wires.
WARNING Do not stand under the mast when it is being erected or lowered.
WARNING Damaged or severely worn parts can cause incorrect operation or accidents. Check the winch before each use. Do not use the winch if it is damaged or not working properly.
WARNING For safety reasons, do not operate the winch alone.
CAUTION To avoid damaging the cables when lowering the mast, leave enough slack next to the hinge when routing the cables to the mast base. Protect the cables near the hinge with the provided protective spiral.
Wear protective eyewear, gloves, safety helmet, and safety shoes.
To protect your hands, always wear gloves when handling the guy wires.