Drilling holes for foundation bolts - DKE110F

DKE110F User Guide

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  • Adhesive tape
  • Brush and compressed air or air pump
  • Chemical anchor such as injectable adhesive anchor
  • Drill hammer
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level

To drill the holes, use the template (1 pc) for positioning the foundation bolts.

You can use existing concrete blocks as foundations for the mast and the guy wires.

  1. Start with the mast foundation. Mark the drilling depth on the drill bit with tape: 200 to 230 mm (7.87 to 9.06 in).

    The size of the holes for the foundation bolts depends on the chemical anchor that you are using. Read the instructions of the chemical anchor manufacturer.

  2. Place the template on the concrete foundation. Check the correct position and orientation of the template depending on your location.
    Make sure that the template is flush with the sides of the foundation. If the holes are not exactly in the right place, the mast cannot be lowered on the support stand at the correct angle.
  3. To make sure the template does not move, hold the template in place with your feet.
  4. Aim the drill bit through one of the holes in the template and drill a hole that is a couple of centimeters deep.
  5. To avoid getting the drill bit stuck in the hole, lift the drill bit every once in a while when drilling to remove excess dust.
  6. When the first hole is ready, place a foundation bolt in the hole through the template. This bolt locks one corner of the template in place.
  7. Drill a second hole, and place a foundation bolt in the hole through the template.
  8. Drill the third hole, and remove the template.
  9. Clean dust from the holes with a brush and compressed air or an air pump.
  10. Continue drilling the holes until you reach the tape mark in the drill bit. Clean dust from the holes using a brush and compressed air or an air pump.
  11. To check that the holes are of the same depth, put the foundation bolts into the holes. Use a spirit level to make sure the bolts are level.