Routing DKL201 down conductor - DKL202 - DKL201

DKL201 and DKL202 Installation Guide

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CAUTION Install the down conductor on the opposite side of the mast from the other cables.
CAUTION To avoid possible damage to the down conductor when tilting the pole mast, leave some slack next to the hinge when routing the down conductor to the mast base.
CAUTION Because of the requirements of the lightning protection system, the down conductor is rigid and hard to handle. Be careful when handling it.
  1. Guide the down conductor from the groove connector at the top of the mast towards the mast base.
  2. To ensure the shortest and most direct path to ground, keep the down conductor as straight as possible. Do not make sharp bends to the conductor.
    CAUTION Keep the curve of the down conductor smooth with a minimum radius of the bent cable 20 cm (8 in) and never over 90° angles.
  3. Attach the down conductor to the pole mast using cable ties. To make sure the down conductor runs smoothly, place the cable ties evenly.

    In DKP206 and DKP210 masts, make sure to leave room for the winch.

  4. Tilt up the mast.
    CAUTION Tilt up the mast securely and safely. See the mast product documentation for instructions and follow the safety requirements.
    Air terminal
    Upper attachment of (mast) down conductor
    Ground electrode
    Mast down conductor
    Enclosure down conductor
    Grounding connector
After tilting up the mast, check that the down conductor is not damaged or loose.