Air terminal position on mast - DKL201 - DKL202

DKL201 and DKL202 Installation Guide

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Before you start the installation, check carefully the correct location and installation height of the air terminal.

  1. Install the air terminal to the highest point of the mast and horizontally as far as possible from the other equipment installed on the mast, such as wind sensors.
  2. In pole masts, install the air terminal 30 cm (11.8 in) from the top of the mast to leave room for other equipment needed at the top, such as wind sensors or obstruction lights.
    CAUTION To prevent equipment damage, install the air terminal so that its tip is as high above the sensors as possible.
    The air terminal provides a 45° protection zone. Extend the air terminal tip to a height where the protective zone covers the equipment on the mast.
    Figure 1. Air terminal position at top of mast
  3. Position the air terminal bracket so that the mast down conductor and the other cables can be routed down on the opposite sides of the mast.
    Figure 2. Down conductor position on mast
    Mast down conductor
    Equipment/Sensor cable