Removing the Transmitter - MHT410

MHT410 Quick Guide

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To disconnect wiring:
  • Allen key (5 mm, provided)
  • 2 medium wrenches (24 mm)
  • Flat head screwdriver (2.5 mm)
To remove transmitter:
  • Large wrench (50 mm)
  • Medium wrench (36 mm)
  • Gloves
  • Bucket and cloth

Do not try to close the ball valve when the transmitter is fully installed. The probe body goes through the valve into the oil flow, and trying to close the valve will damage the probe body and/or the valve.

  1. If needed, disconnect the wiring:
    1. Open the front cover and disconnect the wires from the detachable screw terminals.
    2. Hold the upper nut of the cable gland in place with a wrench (24 mm), and loosen the sealing nut of the gland with another wrench (24 mm).
    3. Pull the cable out of the cable gland.
    4. Re-attach the cable gland in its place.
  2. Put a bucket under the ball valve to catch any oil falling from the valve.
  3. Loosen the small tightening nut with a wrench.
    To keep the larger mounting nut from opening, hold it in place with a wrench as you are opening the smaller tightening nut.
  4. Pull the transmitter outward so that the probe body is out of the ball valve.
  5. Close the ball valve.
  6. Open the mounting nut with a wrench and pull the transmitter out. Use the cloth to clean up any spills.
    Always make sure the bleed screw is closed before you turn the mounting nut with a wrench.