Checklist After Installation - MHT410

MHT410 Quick Guide

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After the installation, check the following indicators to make sure the installation was successful:

  • No oil is leaking from the transformer and the transmitter.

    If the connection leaks after you have tightened the mounting nut, the probable reason is that the PTFE tape was applied incorrectly or the valve thread is other than female 1.5" NPT.

  • The H2 level LED indicator settles to a steady green. Note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the H2 level measurement to settle after start-up or reset.
    • Steady green indicates that the H2 level is below alarm limit.
    • Blinking red indicates that the H2 level is above alarm limit (by default, the alarm is off).
  • After the initial stabilization period (approx. 24 h power on), the reading is correct.