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MHT410 Quick Guide

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If the transmitter was ordered with the Vaisala cable CBL210392-5M, the cable is already pre-connected to the transmitter according to Wiring Option 1.

See the wiring fold-out pages for wiring diagrams and Vaisala cable CBL210392-5M wire colors.

If cable is not pre-wired:
  • Allen key (5 mm, provided)
  • 2 medium wrenches (24 mm)
  • Flat head screwdriver (2.5 mm)
  • Wire-cutting pliers
  • Suitable cable. You can order the following cables from Vaisala:
    • 5 m shielded PUR cable (order code: CBL210392-5MSP)
    • 10 m shielded PUR cable (order code: CBL210392-10MSP)

The following steps refer to the numbered illustrations on the front foldout pages.

  1. Open the electronics housing with a 5 mm Allen key to access the screw terminals.
  2. Hold the upper nut of the cable gland in place with a wrench (24 mm), and loosen the sealing nut of the gland with another wrench (24 mm).
  3. Lead the cable through the sealing nut and the rubber seal. Turn the shield over the edge of the rubber seal.
  4. Lead the cable through the cable gland. Push the rubber seal back in place with the shield. Cut off any excess shield. Tighten the sealing nut with wrench (24 mm).
  5. Pull the screw terminal blocks (2 pcs) off from the circuit board.
  6. Connect the wiring to the detachable screw terminals according to your chosen wiring option. The wiring diagrams are presented in the wiring foldout pages. Note that wiring for digital output (RS-485) is the same in all wiring options.
    Table 1. Wiring Options
    Option Description
    1 Separate loop powering and galvanic isolation for analog outputs.

    In transmitters ordered with Vaisala cable CBL210392-5M, the cable is pre-wired according to this option.

    2 Common loop powering and galvanic isolation for analog outputs.
    3 Non-isolated configuration for analog outputs sharing transmitter power supply.
    4 Alternative wiring to Option 3, providing reduced current loop area for analog outputs.
  7. When you are finished with the wiring, plug the screw terminals back in and close the electronics housing.