Planning the Installation - MHT410

MHT410 Quick Guide

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  • Choose the installation location on the transformer (see Recommended Installation Locations).
    CAUTION Make sure the installation valve and threads are appropriate from the valve specifications. The correct thread of the valve is female 1.5" NPT. Do not install the transmitter in a valve with a different thread. For example, the R thread is incorrect. If you use a different thread than female 1.5" NPT, your equipment may be damaged and the connection is not leak tight. If you are not sure which thread your installation valve has, verify the thread with a 1.5" NPT thread gauge.
  • Make sure the oil type of the transformer matches the one configured for MHT410 (mineral oil, natural ester oil, or synthetic ester oil).
  • Make sure you have all the required tools for installing the transmitter. The required tools are presented in the front foldout pages and in the installation instructions.
  • Choose the output signals: analog and/or digital.
  • Choose the electrical wiring option from the four alternatives presented in the front foldout pages. If the transmitter was ordered with the Vaisala cable CBL210392-5M, the cable is already pre-connected to the transmitter according to Wiring Option 1.