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MHT410 Quick Guide

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The probe must always be installed in a valve. The correct thread of the valve is female 1.5" NPT. Do not install the transmitter in a valve with a different thread. For example, the R thread is incorrect. If you use a different thread than female 1.5" NPT, your equipment may be damaged and the connection is not leak tight.

Figure 1. Recommended Installation Locations
Recommendation Description


Straight section in the radiator’s outlet pipe.

This is the best location for the transmitter.

The oil is measured in flow, which makes the oil sample representative and instant. This is essential especially for correct oil moisture measurement.

Compared to the radiator inlet pipe, oil in the outlet pipe is cooled, preventing unnecessary heating of the sensors and the transmitter.

Possible alternative:

Wall of the oil tank, high enough from the bottom to enable proper oil movement.

An instrumentation valve is recommended. This is a typical valve that is meant for oil analysis.

Moisture response time is moderate depending on the oil volume and transmitter installation.

DANGER Severe risk of death and of damage to transformer:

Pay attention to transmitter installation depth and possible energized parts inside the power transformer to minimize electric shock hazard and equipment damage.

Not recommended:

Drain valve of the oil tank.

The moisture response can be poor due to static oil flow. There is also a risk of separated water (leading to wrong results) and oil sludge (risk of sensor contamination and clogged filters).