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HMDW110 with TMI110 User Guide

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Table 1. Open command
Syntax Description
open [aaa]<cr> Open a connection to a device at the specified address. Required when device is in poll mode. Address range 0 ... 255.


open 5
HMDW110 5 line opened for operator commands
Table 2. Close command
Syntax Description
close<cr> Close the connection that was opened with the open command.


line closed
Table 3. Addr command
Syntax Description
addr<cr> Show current device address and prompt for a new address.
addr [aaa]<cr>

Set new device address.

aaa = 0 ... 255.

Example (shows 0 as current address, enter 5 as the new address):

Address : 0 ? 5
Table 4. Seri command
Syntax Description
seri<cr> Show current serial line settings.
seri [baud p d s]<cr>

Set new serial line settings for RS-485 line (also affects the service port). The new settings are taken into use when the device is reset or powered up.

baud = baud rate (300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, or 57600) 1

p = parity

  • n = none
  • e = even
  • o = odd

d = data bits (7 or 8)

s = stop bits (1 or 2)

Example (show current serial line settings):

Baud P D S : 19200 N 8 1
Table 5. Sdelay command
Syntax Description
sdelay<cr> Show serial line delay (response time).
sdelay [ddd]<cr>

Set serial line delay (response time).

ddd = delay, range 0 ... 255. Corresponds to 0 ... 1020 milliseconds.

Example (set serial line delay to 200 milliseconds):

sdelay 50
Serial delay : 50
Table 6. Smode command
Syntax Description
smode<cr> Show current start-up operating mode of the serial line, and prompt to enter new mode. New mode is taken into use when the device is reset or powered up.
smode [mode]<cr>

Set serial line start-up operating mode. Available modes are:

stop = No automatic output. All commands available. Default mode.

run = Automatic output of measurement messages. You must stop output with the s command before entering other commands.

poll = No automatic output. Will respond to addressed send command and ?? command. You can use other commands after opening a connection using an addressed open command.

Modbus = No automatic output. Measurement outputs must be read from the transmitter using the Modbus protocol.

Example (set device to poll mode):

Serial mode : STOP ? poll
1 Modbus output works only with baud rate 9600 and above.