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HMDW110 Quick Guide

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  • Medium size crosshead screwdriver (Pozidriv)
  • Small flat head screwdriver for screw terminals
  • Tools for cutting and stripping wires
  • 19-mm open-end wrench for tightening the cable gland

Additional tools for pole installation:

  • Zip ties for securing the cable to the pole

Additional tools for wall installation:

  • Drill and bits
  • Screws (2 pcs, Ø < 5.5 mm) and wall plugs
  • Cable clips for securing the cable to the wall
  1. Open the six screws that hold the transmitter cover.
  2. Route the power and signal cable through the cable gland, and connect the wires to the screw terminals according to the wiring instructions:
  3. Adjust the length of cable between the cable gland and the terminal blocks.
    Make the cable short enough to close the cover without leaving a cable loop in the transmitter.
  4. Disconnect the wired screw terminal blocks by pulling them off from the component board.
  5. Pole installation mounting:
    1. Use the supplied clamp and screws to mount the transmitter on a pole.
    2. To prevent the transmitter from turning on the pole, tighten the set screw on the center hole of the clamp.
  6. Wall installation mounting:
    1. Drill two holes for wall plugs 100 mm apart.
    2. Place the wall plugs in the holes.
    3. Mount the transmitter using two screws of sufficient length.
  7. Plug in the screw terminal blocks, close the cover, and tighten the screws.
  8. Secure the cable to the pole using a zip tie, or on the wall using cable clips. Allow some cable to hang down from the cable gland to prevent water from entering the transmitter along the cable.