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DKP110 User Guide

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The following ground electrode items are part of the delivery:

Grounding wire HK25 Cu (3 pcs)
Transition connector SM2.11 and protective cover SP15 (3 pcs)

The customer is responsible for supplying the other grounding accessories (grounding rods, connectors, and similar).

WARNING Consult local electricity professionals for the local and state legislation and regulations about grounding.

For instructions about routing the cables from the grounding connector to the ground, see Grounding and Lightning Protection in Vaisala Outdoor Installations Technical Reference (M211786EN).

Note the following:

  • The materials used in the manufacture of the grounding systems must be chosen to prevent them from forming an electrolytic couple.
  • Recommended grounding resistance is 10 Ω or less. Soil conditions (for example sand or rocks) and the ground resistance measurement determines the design and construction of the grounding system.
  • Buried ground rods and buried wire can be used for the ground network. The type and combination used depend on the soil conditions and on the value of measured ground resistance. Consider the ease of installation and the most effective way of reducing resistance to the required value of 10 Ω or less.
  • Measurements of the earth resistance must be made at least 48 hours after rainfall.