Power supply and communication lines - DKP110

DKP110 User Guide

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The primary AC (mains) power service must comply with the local specifications for grounding the primary power service entrance. The AC power needs to be continuous, without spikes and blackouts.

The following applies to all field cabling:

  • To protect the cabling from wildlife or vandalism, use armored field cables. The cables must be suitable for underground use.
  • Check the cross-sectional area of the cable core according to maximum allowable voltage drop.
  • Route the cables through protective conduits into the equipment according to the local requirements.
  • Check cable conduit diameters or use additional termination boxes.
  • Ground the cable shield at both ends, if possible.
  • Use spike and overvoltage protection devices at both ends of field cables.

Always make a detailed cabling and wiring plan. If you are going to use an external DC power system, plan the power supply carefully according to the power needs.

CAUTION Use a conduit to protect the cables from damage and moisture. Also traffic, standing water, ice, and any twist or stress will damage the cables.