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RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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Note that different installations are used depending on the components of the sounding. Always use an unwinder. An RSU stabilizer must be used if other than Vaisala-specific Totex parachute models are used.

Before you begin, see the general instructions and various sounding accessories presented in Vaisala Guide to Sounding Preparations Technical Reference.

The sounding construction depends on the radiosonde type and if either of the following is used:

  • Radar reflector
  • Parachute
Vaisala recommends always to use a parachute in ozone soundings.
  1. When using a Totex parachute, attach the unwinder to the ribbon loop below the parachute spreader.
  2. As the accidental breaking of the unwinder hook might cause the ozone sounding box to fall with great speed, Vaisala recommends that you tie the unwinder to the parachute spreader with a string for extra security.
    CAUTION For extra security, Vaisala recommends that you tie the radiosonde unwinder to the Totex parachute spreader with a string, or tie extra strong tape around the unwinder hook.
    1. Thread the string through the hole in the unwinder hook (circled in Figure 1) and tie it around the parachute spreader. Make sure the string is slightly longer and looser than the ribbon loop.
    2. Another option is to prevent the unwinder hook from opening during the flight by tying extra-strong tape such as glass cloth tape, or equivalent, around the unwinder hook. If you do not have this kind of strong tape available, tie the unwinder with a string to the spreader, as explained above.
    3. If you like, you can also use both options at the same time.
    Figure 1. Securing Unwinder with String (on the Left) or Tape (on the Right)
  3. Assemble the unwinder detainer to the radiosonde unwinder by pressing the detainer head into the radiosonde unwinder.
  4. If you are using other than a Vaisala-specific Totex parachute model, or a radar reflector, connect the RSU stabilizer to the unwinder and prepare the balloon string connection. See Figure 2 for an illustration.
    Figure 2. RSU Stabilizer Attached to the Unwinder
    When DMT Model Z ozone sensor is used, the unwinder string is firmly attached to the ring hanger.
  5. Continue sounding preparations by tying the flight box string to the unwinder stick.
    Balance the radiosonde payload by moving the string knot on the bottom of the flight box, and secure it with a piece of tape.