Preparing the Radiosonde with Ground Equipment - RS41-D - RS41-SG - RS41-SGM - RS41-SGP

RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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To be able to prepare an ozone sounding with MW41, you must import and activate the following scripts:
The scripts are included on the MW41 installation media, in folder ScriptLibrary\CalcOzone. The ozone sounding cannot be completed if any of these scripts is missing.

Import the scripts to the same Script Group and select as the main script. Make sure that Script group is set active. You do not need to set a command line argument. For more instructions, see MW41 online help, embedded in the MW41 software.


Do not touch the radiosonde sensors. They are fragile and can be easily contaminated.

  1. Start MW41 sounding software, if you have not started it yet, and log in.
  2. Attach the ozone destruction filter to the pump inlet tube.
  3. Place the RS41 radiosonde on the ground check device. The radiosonde is switched on when you place it on the ground check device. The message Preparation in progress will be displayed in MW41.
    CAUTION Do not connect Ozone Interface Board OIF411 to the radiosonde while the radiosonde is placed on the ground check device. Connecting OIF411 during the ground check will interrupt the preparations and MW41 will return to the Radiosonde selection window.
  4. Before the preparation phase is completed, scroll the MW41 page down to the Special sensor window, and select Ozone from the drop-down list.
  5. Fill in the information needed and click Apply. During this phase, the radiosonde LED light is red, but you can ignore it. It does not indicate an error at this point.
    The ASOPOS panel recommends 3.0 cm3 for cathode solution volume.
    Figure 1. Ozone Sensor Information

    During the ground check preparations, the radiosonde status in MW41 might display an error with the message No add-on sensor data (filtered). You can ignore this message and proceed with the preparations, it has no effect on the ozone sounding.

    Figure 2. Radiosonde Preparation in Progress
  6. When the message Waiting for background current is displayed, remove the radiosonde from the ground check device.
    Figure 3. Waiting for Background Current
  7. Connect OIF411 to the radiosonde using cable CBL210224. Do as explained below:
    1. Connect the radiosonde cable to the interface terminal marked Radiosonde.
      Figure 4. Connecting Radiosonde Cable