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RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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These preparations must be performed from 2 to 0 hours before the sounding balloon release. Table 1 presents the workflow included in preparing the radiosonde and OIF411 for a sounding with sounding software MW41 45 minutes before the launch. The steps below provide more detailed information on the preparations.

Table 1. Workflow for Ozone Sounding Preparations 45 Minutes Before Launch
Time to Launch in Minutes Ozone Sensor Interface OIF411 Radiosonde RS41 Sounding Software MW41 Balloon and Accessories
45 Select battery type and any supplemental heat source needed, based on the previous flight’s performance. Attach interface board to pump frame. Attach radiosonde holder to styrofoam flight box. Start MW41 software. Fill the balloon and attach the detainer/unwinder/parachute.
30 Start running the ECC on ozone-free air using an external power supply for the pump motor. Activate and condition radiosonde. Configure software for the ozone flight.
20 Record background current. Connect interface to RS41. Record background current.
15 Connect battery to ozone sensor pump (activate battery if needed), and heater battery, if required. Attach radiosonde to the flight box. Prepare the radiosonde for flight. Put ECC into to flight box if it is not there yet (for prewarming in cold weather flights).
10 Take the ozonesonde construction outside to acclimatize and record surface ozone. Check telemetry data. Attach radiosonde to the balloon.
0 Check telemetry data. Release the balloon.