Checklist for Equipment and Supplies for Flight Preparations - RS41-D - RS41-SG - RS41-SGM - RS41-SGP

RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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This appendix contains the checklist for the equipment and supplies needed in the sounding preparations. You can mark the items in the Checked column.
Table 1. Checklist for Equipment
Equipment Checked
Ozone sensor with styrofoam flight box and motor battery
Radiosonde RS41
Ozone Interface Board OIF411
Balloon (plastic or rubber)
5 meters of string (strength about 300 to 500 N), an unwinder and a detainer
Parachute, 200-inch (500 cm) circumference (recommended)
Short-circuit cable for the ozone sensor (optional)
Ozone sensor interface - radiosonde extender test cable (optional)
Bottle for the sensor cathode solution prepared according to the instructions
Bottle for the sensor anode solution prepared according to the instructions
Bottle for distilled H2O
Syringe, 3 ml volume (equipped with Teflon tube), for use with the sensor cathode solution
Syringe, 3 ml volume, for use with the sensor anode solution
Roll of firm tape, 2 inches (5 cm) wide
Apparatus for measuring ozone sensor air flow rate
Ozonesonde power supply for pump motor rated at 12 to 13 VDC, 300 mA
SPC Ozonizer/Test Unit Model TSC-1 with adapter cables or equivalent from other manufacturers
Ozone destruction filter or purified, ozone-free gas
Thermometer graduated in degrees centigrade
Hand-held pressure/vacuum gauge for pump tests
Small strips of No. 600A sandpaper for grasping Teflon tubing
Plastic squirt bottle filled with research-grade methanol
Methanol and acetone for cleaning
Pair of lint-free gloves for laboratory work (made of artificial fabric or plastic, disposable)