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RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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Radiosonde RS41 has been tested for safety and approved as shipped from the factory. Note the following precautions:

Warning Conduct soundings in a safe environment and in accordance with all applicable restrictions and regulations.
Warning Do not use the radiosonde in an area with power lines or other obstructions overhead. Make sure that you check the area for such obstructions before using the radiosonde.
Warning Do not use the radiosonde without consultation and cooperation with local and other applicable aviation authorities.
Warning Do not modify the unit in any way, except as instructed in the manual.
Warning Do not use the radiosonde for any purpose other than for soundings.
Warning Vaisala recommends the use of parachute even if it is not required by applicable restrictions.

The chemicals involved in an ozone sounding can be harmful, and must be handled with proper care. To ensure your working safety, take all the necessary precautions before beginning the preparations for a flight.

Read the sensor manuals carefully.

Follow the local laboratory work practices, regulations, and waste management guidelines.

Use disposable gloves to avoid dust and other contaminants. The gloves must be lint-free and made of artificial fabric or plastic. Note that the RSA411 Ozone Interface Kit does not include gloves.