Preparations 7 to 3 Days Prior to Release - RS41-D - RS41-SG - RS41-SGM - RS41-SGP

RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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This phase consists of checking the overall performance of the ozone sensor, and charging the sensor with the sensing solution. A Model TSC-1 Ozonizer/Test Unit is used to check the overall sensor performance.

The purpose of these preparations is to make sure that the ozone sensor functions properly and can be used in an ozone sounding.

The limit values mentioned here are valid only for SPC ECC-6A ozone sensor. For other ozone sensors, create and use a modified checklist.


The chemicals involved in an ozone sounding can be harmful, and must be handled with proper care. To ensure your working safety, take all the necessary precautions before beginning the preparations for a flight.

Read the sensor manuals carefully.

Follow the local laboratory work practices, regulations, and waste management guidelines.

Use disposable gloves to avoid dust and other contaminants. The gloves must be lint-free and made of artificial fabric or plastic. Note that the RSA411 Ozone Interface Kit does not include gloves.

CAUTION During preparations the ozonizer produces a small amount of ozone. Avoid breathing the high ozone air exhaust. You can connect the cathode exhaust tubing to a Drierite desiccant column or other filter, or prepare the sensor in a fume hood.
Make sure to perform the initial preparations early enough, from 1 week to 3 days before the ozone sounding release. This must be done to attain a low sensor background current and a fast sensor response to ozone.