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This topic presents the Science Pump Corporation Model TSC-1 Ozonizer/Test Unit in more detail. Other options are also available, see Figure 2.

Figure 1. Ozonizer/Test Unit TSC-1
Vaisala recommends adding a digital ampere meter with a minimum resolution of 0.01 uA beside Ozonizer TSC-1, and checking the current from the digital ampere meter instead of the analog meter on TSC-1.

The Science Pump Corporation Model TSC-1 Ozonizer/Test Unit (or a similar equipment) is a necessary basic equipment for the preparations.

The TSC-1 Ozonizer/Test Unit model has been designed for conditioning ECC ozonesondes with the ozone, and for checking the radiosonde’s performance prior to balloon release.

The Ozonizer/Test Unit and its operation are described in more detail in the SPC Operator's Manual for Model ECC-6A Ozonesonde and in the SPC Operator's Manual for Model TSC-1 Ozonizer/Test Unit. See Related Manuals for a list of related manuals.

The following spare parts are available for TSC-1:

  • Calibrator ECC ozone sensor, OTU-15. Vaisala part number 18955.
  • Internal ozone filter, OTU-17. Vaisala part number 18960.
  • Other spare parts mentioned in the TSC-1 manual are also available.
For background current measurement, the ampere meter resolution must be 0.01 μA. This is difficult to achieve with an analog ampere meter, thus the GAW report 201 recommends the use of a digital model, for example, KTU-3 Ozonizer Test Unit.
Figure 2. EC Black Bench O3S Tester Made by EC