Pump Test Unit - RS41-D - RS41-SG - RS41-SGM - RS41-SGP

RS41 Ozone Soundings User Guide

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Table 1 lists the equipment needed for the pump test unit.

Table 1. Equipment Required for Pump Test Unit
Item Required Vaisala Part Number
Vacuum/pressure gauge and connection screw. Range -1 ... 1.5 Bar, division 0.05 Bar. Includes connection parts for measurement gauge to tubing. 15240
Locking nut
Connector tube 1: soft vinyl tube approximately 60 cm long, I.D. 1/8" (3.2 mm), O.D. 1/4" (6.4 mm) 12642OS (set of tubes)
Connector tube 2: soft silicon tube approximately 2 cm long, inner diameter 2 mm, outer diameter 4 mm 12642OS (set of tubes)
Connection tube 3: cut a piece of tubing from EEC sensor air inlet tubes to a length of approximately 3 cm, or order separately. 17348S (by the meter) or SPC spare part No. OTU-19

Set up the vacuum/pressure gauge as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Vacuum/Pressure Gauge
Gauge and connection screw
Locking nut
Connector tube 1
Connector tube 2
Connector tube 3

Set up the pump unit following the steps below:

  1. Insert connector tube 1 into the locking nut (see number 3 in Figure 1).
  2. Push the tube over the tip of the connection screw on the gauge (number 1).
  3. Gently tighten the locking nut over the connector tube onto the gauge (number 2).
    Be careful when attaching connector tube 1 to the connection screw tip. Be sure to tighten the locking nut gently to avoid damaging or tearing the connection tube. The condition of the connection tube can be checked by opening the locking nut.
  4. Insert connector tube 2 (number 4) into connector tube 1 (number 3) by at least 5 mm.
  5. Finally, insert the connector tube 3 (number 5) into connector tube 2 (number 4) by at least 1 cm.