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HMT140 Quick Guide

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Warning Remove batteries before shipping.

To replace the batteries and reset the battery meter of the HMT140:

  1. Open the HMT140 cover.
  2. Turn the power switch off.
  3. Remove the batteries by pulling them up firmly. If the battery does not come out easily, one of the battery tabs can be pulled out gently while pulling up.
  4. After replacing the batteries (use only recommended batteries), press the SERVICE button for about 10 seconds and turn the power switch ON. The LED indicator flashes and the unit beeps several times.
  5. Release the SERVICE button.

To trigger data packet transmission using the IR Sensor:

  1. Make sure the HMT140 Configuration Cable is disconnected from the HMT140. This will set the HMT140 to Sensor mode.
  2. Turn on the HMT140 and wait for the display to turn on, then off.
  3. Place your hand over the IR Sensor and leave it covered for 5 seconds. The display will turn off and then on again, and will then beep twice to confirm transmission. The HMT140 will then attempt to connect and transmit data to the host server.