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HMT130 User Guide

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Table 1. HMT130 spare parts and accessories
Description Item code
Probes 1
Humidity and temperature probe HMP110
Humidity and temperature replacement probe HMP110R
Temperature-only probe HMP110T
Constant output probe HMP110REF
Humidity and temperature probe HMP113
Standard humidity sensor HUMICAP180R
Catalytic humidity sensor for H2O2 HUMICAP180V 2
Sensor protection
HMP110 probes:
Plastic grid filter DRW010522SP
Plastic grid with membrane filter DRW010525SP
Stainless steel sintered filter HM46670SP
PTFE membrane filter with stainless steel grid ASM212652SP
PTFE sintered filter DRW244938SP
HMP113 probe:
Plastic grid filter DRW240185SP
Plastic grid with membrane filter ASM210856SP
Stainless steel sintered filter HM47280SP
Porous PTFE filter 219452SP
Probe installation
Probe mounting clamp, 1 pc 225501
Probe mounting clamps, 10 pcs 226067
Probe mounting flange 226061
Probe holder, 5 pcs ASM213382SP
Probe cable 3 m (9.8 ft) HMT120Z300
Probe cable 5 m (16 ft) HMT120Z500
Probe cable 10 m (33 ft) HMT120Z1000
Probe cable 20 m (66 ft) HMT120Z2000
HM70 connection cable 211339
USB serial interface cable 219685
Transmitter protection and installation
Radiation shield DTR504A
Rain shield with installation kit 215109
Duct installation kit 215619
1 See the separate HMP110 and HMP113 order forms.
2 Not available with HMP113.