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The constant output probe HMP110REF is a testing accessory that can be used to check the transmitter's functions and measurement signal transfer chain all the way to the control system. The constant output probe does not measure humidity and temperature; instead, it outputs constant humidity and temperature readings.

The values output by the constant output probe are specified when ordering. These values are written on an additional label on the probe body.

The procedure for using the constant output probe is simply to replace the original probe for the duration of the testing.

  1. Disconnect the standard probe from the transmitter.
  2. Connect the constant output probe to the transmitter.
  3. Check that all used outputs (analog, display, serial line) show the correct measurement values.
  4. After checking the outputs, disconnect the constant output probe and reconnect the original probe.
The transmitter goes to error state for a short time when the probe is changed. This is normal.