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HMT120 User Guide

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Figure 1. Isolated current loop wiring
Table 1. Wiring table
Terminal 1 Current Output (2-Wire, CH2 Isolated)
1 Cable shield (optional)
2 CH1- (signal and power supply -)
3 CH1+ (signal and power supply +)
4 CH2- (signal and power supply -)
5 CH2+ (signal and power supply +)
To connect the wiring:
  1. Remove the transmitter cover as instructed in Opening the transmitter cover.
  2. Insert the signal wires through the selected cable gland/conduit fitting in the bottom of the transmitter or alternatively through the rubber grommet at the back side of the transmitter.
  3. Connect the wires as instructed in Figure 1 and Table 1. Suitable wire size is 0.5 … 1.5 mm2 (20 … 15 AWG).
    If an isolated output is required with current outputs, both channels require their own power supply. CH1 must always be powered because CH1 is the main output, and the transmitter will not operate if only CH2 is connected.
  4. Close the cover by keeping it slightly tilted and first attaching it to the fixing snaps at the top of the enclosure base. Then push the lower part of the cover firmly forward until it locks. The transmitter is ready for use.
1 Terminal numbers 1 … 5 in the first column of the wiring table refer to Figure 1