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All commands can be issued either in uppercase or lowercase.

The notation <cr> refers to pressing the carriage return (ENTER) key on your computer keyboard. Enter a <cr> to clear the command buffer before starting to enter commands.

Whenever you change any of the parameters and want to store the changes permanently, use the SAVE command.
Measurement parameters are referred to as quantities in the transmitter's software.
Table 1. List of serial commands
Command Description
? Show transmitter information
ACAL Calibrate analog outputs
AERR Set/show analog output error levels
AOUT Show analog output status
ASEL Set/show analog output parameters and scaling
ATEST Test analog outputs
CALCS Set/show measured parameters
CDATE Set/show calibration date
CRH Calibrate probe RH
CRHCLR Restore probe RH factory calibration
CT Calibrate probe T
CTCLR Restore probe T factory calibration
CTEXT Set/show calibration info
DSEL Set/show displayed parameters
ECHO Set/show terminal echo mode
ENV Set/show environmental parameters
ERRS Display active errors
FORM Set/show output formatting
FRESTORE Restore all transmitter settings to factory defaults
HELP List available commands
INTV Set/show the continuous output interval
R Start continuous outputting
RESET Reset transmitter
RESTORE Restores the latest saved settings
S Stop continuous outputting
SAVE Save changed settings to FLASH memory
SEND Output the reading once
SERI Set/show service port settings (default: 19200 N 8 1)
SMODE Set/show the serial interface mode
SYSTEM Show transmitter information and build date
UNIT Set/show output unit
VERS Show firmware version of the transmitter